Let me introduce to you the charming and sexy  musician Ryan Wickersham!  Ryan comes from good old Lancaster, Pennsylvania. If you would like to hear Ryans music feel free to click on the Ryans photo above! If you love what you hear and you would like to get in touch with Ryan feel free to email him at ryanwickersham@live.com. If your interested in buying Ryans music go search Ryan Wickersham on Itunes. Be sure to checkout Ryans next concert August 27th at The Blue Bird Inn! If you just can’t get enough of Ryan Wickersham then be sure to click on the following links as well!



Drop it like its hot!


ZanaD:What is the name of your band
Ryan:Ryan Wickersham Band

ZanaD:What type of music do you play?
Ryan:Rock/Pop (most common comparison is Dave Matthews/U2)

ZanaD:What got you into doing music?
Ryan:My father was a drummer.

ZanaD:How old were you when you started playing/singing?
Ryan:I started drumming around 6 or 7. I started guitar, piano, and singing around 16 or 17

ZanaD:Where would your dream place be to perform at?
Ryan:Hershey Stadium (sold out)

ZanaD:Describe your music in three words
Ryan:Epic, Love, Passion

ZanaD:Are you close with the people in your band?
Ryan:Like brothers

ZanaD:When is your next album coming out?
Ryan:officially, that is undetermined. right now the band is working on a demo, that we are considering distributing for free at our shows. but everything is still up in the air

ZanaD:What is your favorite food?

Ryan:Chic-fila (afternoon) Steak (evening)

ZanaD:What musician would you want to go on a date with and why?
Ryan;Jay-Z. to ask him how does he come up with it?