Hola amigos! I had the amazing chance of speaking with the sexy and extremely talened Eben from the band Move Out West!! This band will blow you away 🙂 Check them out today on myspace, purevolume and Itunes!


ZanaD:What is the name of your band?

Eben:Move Out West

ZanaD:Where are you from?

Eben:West Hartford, CT

ZanaD:What type of music do you play?

Eben:We play Rock music with popular influences.

ZanaD:What is the best advice you have for people wanting to get their music out there?

Ebem:Don’t give up and use every source you can (websites/showcases).  A friend/mentoralso told me to be nice/genuine  to every single person you meet which applies to more than just music!

ZanaD:What got you into doing music?

Eben:I would say my uncles.  One uncle always played the drums around me and that got me thinking music was cool and one used to throw party’s and do karaoke.  I started listening to music a lot more after that.  Mostly oldies.

ZanaD:How old were you when you started playing/singing?

Eben:I started playing guitar in 10th grade and I have been trying to sing in a band since I was 12.

ZanaD:How long have you been writing music for?

Eben:I wrote my first song in when i was 13.  I still remember it.

ZanaD:Are you close with the people in your band?

Eben:Of course… we live in a van together for weeks/months at a time and still have the time of our lives.

ZanaD:Whats the song you need to listen to when your feeling down?

Eben:I listen to a lot of Tom Petty when things aren’t going my way.  He has a song about every emotion and performs them it in a very upbeat/optimistic way.  Also Weezer. Gotta love Weezer.

ZanaD:When is your next album coming out?

Eben:We are recording a Single with Ace Enders that will be released in October.  We are then recording our Debut EP in November.  Expect a Spring ’11 release.

ZanaD:When is your next concert?

Eben:We have a Benefit show this Friday in Bristol, CT and then we have a couple dates in September.

ZanaD:Where can people go to listen to your music?

www.purevolume.com/moveoutwest or www.myspace.com/moveoutwest.

We have more music on Purevolume!

ZanaD:Where can people go to buy your music?

Eben:People CAN buy it on iTunes but we also give it away for free on purevolume.com

ZanaD:What is your favorite food?

Eben:I love Chicken Marsala.  Chicken Rolls/Soup Secret/Pizza are also awesome

ZanaD:If you were stuck on an island what three items would you bring?

Eben:Life supply of clean water/guitar/Cyrus Thomas Walker.

ZanaD:If you were trapped in a room what three people would you want to be with?

Eben:My band.  LJ, Brian and Cyrus.  I may switch one with Natalie Portman.

ZanaD:What musician would you want to go on a date with and why?

Eben:Going to have to say Hayley Williams.

ZanaD:Whats your biggest turnoff?


ZanaD:What do you look for in a friend?


ZanaD:Where do you want to live when your older?

Eben:LA in my 20’s, NYC in my 30’s, and settle down in CT/Maryland/Florida.

ZanaD:Whats your favorite tv show?

Eben:I have a couple.  Right now Burn Notice, Dexter, Entourage, That 70’s show (now and forever will I love that show)

ZanaD:Whats your favorite color?

Eben:Shades of Grey

Be sure to lookout for thier upcoming single cowritten with the band Ace Enders coming in November!!

Thanks Eben 🙂