I had the honor of speaking with the two of the extremely talented  members from the band Swing The Coast. Be sure to check out there music on Purevolume,Myspace and Facebook! Become a fan today 🙂 Also go to Itunes to buy their newest EP Deluxe!

Introducing: Josh Belanger and Travis Langolf from Swing The Coast!

ZanaD: What is the name of your band?
A: All Time Low or sometimes we go by Swing The Coast

ZanaD: Where are you from?
A: Detroit

ZanaD:What type of music do you play?
A: classical caucasian sensation / rock / greatest hits

ZanaD:What is the best advice you have for people wanting to get their music out there?
A: Start sex scandals W/ Jamie Lynn Spears

ZanaD:What got you into doing music?
A: Josh, “My mom was in theater and I would tag along when I was really young. So I was pretty much surrounded by music and lots of talented musicians / performers a lot.”
Travis, “My dad was in one of the best bar bands of all time! The Straight Shooters.”

ZanaD:How old were you when you started playing/singing?
A: Josh “I’ve been singing since I was born. I actually came out, holding a pretty decent E7 out.”
Travis, “Been playing guitar for 10 years, Guitar Hero for 5. Booya!”

ZanaD: How long have you been writing music for?
A: Josh-Well we started off writing poison records but then started doing some originals when we turned about 14.
Travis- Started out hustlin ended up ballin

ZanaD:Where would your dream place be to perform at?
Josh- A sweet arena, or an amazing stage in the mountains with like a 100 foot catwalk. out the door.
Travis- lol I think Trav is trying to express some sort of fairytale animation type of deal.. haha like shrek???

ZanaD: Describe your music in three words
Josh- one, two, three
Trav- infectious, Innovative, pleasant. 😀 ha

ZanaD: Are you close with the people in your band?
Josh- No we hate eachother! lol jk i love doe guyysss
Trav- lol he bites his lip and mumbles “ehh its there” i think we may have to re-evaluate the situation. haha

ZanaD:What inspires you to do music?
Josh- making something sound ill and knowing that its ours.
Trav- hearing something you have written is like listening to your favorite band. It just flows the way you want to hear it and thats a pretty deep answer but know I have good intentions.

ZanaD: Whats the song you need to listen to when your feeling down?
Josh- anything michael buble haha
Trav- lol buble as well

ZanaD:Whats your favorite band?
Josh- couldn’t pick one, to many
influence me different ways and my mind always changes haha but big ones ive liked alot were The Starting Line, Blink 182, i love rascall flatts, keith urban, etc
Trav- beat uhlls  (Beatles)

ZanaD:Whats your favorite song?
Josh- was survivor by beyonce or destinys child?
Trav- Trav actually couldnt manage to give an answer. Just stumped i guess.

ZanaD:When is your next album coming out?
Josh Deluxe just came out on Itunes but were headed to the studio soon so hit up the myspace and facebook for more info wooo!

ZanaD:When is your next concert?
A:Oct 1st at the pike room in pontiac MI. were headlining for a fundraser to help us get money for the studio. donate on our myspace
ZanaD:Where can people go to buy your music?

A: Itunes! come to a show and our online store at

ZanaD:Where do you see your band in 5 years from now?
Josh: Taylor Swift to me left and Kanye west to my right all accepting a grammy together in an orderly fashion. haha
Trav-  hopefully still touring and making records

ZanaD: What is your dream?
Josh- to be batman the clooney version tho
Trav- inappropriate 

ZanaD: What is your favorite food?
Josh: pizza
Trav- streak

ZanaD: If you could be in any place right now where would it be?
Josh: the bermuda triangle
Trav: NASA Space Center in Orlando, Florida home of the big D… figure it out.

ZanaD: If you were stuck on an island what three items would you bring?
Josh: guitar, laptop lol, a spear to hunt.
Trav- working cell phone, cross bow for hunting, tranformers 2 dvd to play on Josh’s laptop

ZanaD:If you were trapped in a room what three people would you want to be with?
A:Youd like us to say the other members of the band right….. well were gonna do ya one better. Josh: Wayne Gretzky, Lou Bega/Kevin James and Vince Vaughn because I think we could hang out with eachother for sure haha
Trav: John Mayer, Megan Fox, The Pope

ZanaD: What musician would you want to go on a date with and why?
Josh- Taylor Swift. just cause haha
Trav: Carrie Underwood, she’s sexy    

ZanaD: Describe your ideal partner in three words
Josh: understanding, finee, funny
Trav: shayday, caramel, exotic

 ZanaD:What do you look for in a friend?
Josh: trustworthy, funny, italian. dont know why I stuck to the three word game again but oh well.
Trav- someone who will put up with me

ZanaD:Where do you want to live when your older?
Josh- San Diego
Trav- the moon

ZanaD: Whats your favorite tv show?
A: Jersey Shore 

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