I had the fabulous opportunity to speak with the  very talented and sweet band Adora! Adora is made of three super talented musicians! Introducing:  the talented Chris on drums, beautiful vocalist Stormie and  fabulous Keith on piano! Click the first photo to be taken directly to their site. If you would like to speak directly with Adora please contact them at : Adora@musician.org. Become a fan today!


ZanaD: What is the name of your band?

Adora: Adora

ZanaD: Where are you from?

Adora: Chicago

ZanaD: What type of music do you play?

Adora: progressive rock

ZanaD: What is the best advice you have for people wanting to get their music out there?

Adora: Take a lot of time finding the right players and keep at it.

ZanaD: What got you into doing music?

Adora: Alot of things, it kept me personally out of trouble for the most part and i enjoyed it more than sports haha.

ZanaD: How long have you been writing music for?

Adora: About 4 or 5 years

ZanaD: Describe your music in three words

Adora: fun to play

ZanaD: Are you close with the people in your band?

Adora: very

ZanaD: What inspires you to do music?

Adora: The fact that it makes me personally and the rest of my band feel good

ZanaD: Whats the song you need to listen to when your feeling down?

 Adora: The beatles man

ZanaD: Whats your favorite band?

Adora: Right now its been The Brobecks

ZanaD: Whats your favorite song?

Adora: Small Cuts by The Brobecks

ZanaD: When is your next album coming out?

Adora: Around February or March

ZanaD: When is your next concert?

Adora: September 23rd at Hot Topic in Springhill Mall

ZanaD: Where can people go to listen to your music?

Adora: http://www.adoraband.com

ZanaD:Where can people go to buy your music?

 Adora:   http://www.adorastore.ecrater.com

ZanaD: Where do you see your band in 5 years from now?

Adora: on the road

ZanaD: What is your dream?

Adora: To play music for a living

ZanaD: What is your favorite food?

Adora: Thai food

ZanaD: If you could be in any place right now where would it be?

Adora: Rehearsing

ZanaD: If you were stuck on an island what three items would you bring?

Adora: Brownies, a map, and a playboy energy drink.

ZanaD: If you were trapped in a room what three people would you want to be with?

Adora: Chris Storm and Mike

ZanaD:Where do you want to live when your older?

Adora: Chicago still probably

ZanaD:Whats your favorite color?

Adora: purple

Bravo Adora!

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