Behind The Scenes Interview with Settle For Less:

I had the chance to talk with the cutie Nick from  the awesome band Settle For Less! Introducing: Alex, Nick, Cory and Will!

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ZanaD:What is the name of your band?
Nick:Settle for Less

ZanaD:Where are you from?
Nick:I am from Maple Shade NJ but the rest of the band is from Cherry Hill NJ, just outside of philly.

ZanaD:What type of music do you play?
Nick:Punk/emo whatever you want to call it.

ZanaD:What is the best advice you have for people wanting to get their music out there?

Nick:Don’t use the internet as a cop out. Play lots of shows.

ZanaD:What got you into doing music?
Nick:I just always loved it

ZanaD:How old were you when you started playing/singing?
Nick:I started playing guitar when i was 13 or 14. We all kind of started at the same age.

ZanaD:Where would your dream place be to perform at?
Nick:I really want to go to California or Australia.

ZanaD::Are you close with the people in your band?
Nick:Yeah, they’re my best friends. even though we make fun of each other all the time.

ZanaD:What inspires you to do music?

ZanaD:Whats the song you need to listen to when your feeling down?
Nick:Any song from Deja

ZanaD:Whats your favorite band?
Nick:I cant think but im going say Brand New

ZanaDLWhats your favorite song?
Nick:Right now it’s Nightingale by Saves the Day or Accident Prone by Jawbreaker.

ZanaD:When is your next album coming out?
Nick:Hopefully we have a release in late fall/winter.

ZanaD:When is your next concert?

ZanaD:Where do you see your band in five years from now?
Nick:Haha who knows, hopefully touring everywhere.

ZanaD:What is your dream?
Nick:Open my own studio.

ZanaD:What is your favorite food?

ZanaD:If you could be in any place right now where would it be?
Nick:The beach

ZanaD:If you were stuck on an island what three items would you bring?
Nick:My guitar, pizza and my phone i guess

Whats your favorite tv show?
Whats your favorite color?

Thanks Nick!

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