Hey everyone let me introduce you to the  talented jazzy pop singer/ songwriter Andrew Sheron!

Behind The Scenes with Andrew Sheron:

ZanaD: What is the name of your band?

A: Andrew Sheron

ZanaD: Where are you from?

A: Brooklyn, NY

ZanaD: What type of music do you play?

A: Jazz,rock,pop

ZanaD: What is the best advice you have for  breaking themselves into the industry?

A: Do it yourself!

ZanaD: What got you into doing music?

A: Its the type of art I gravitate strongest to, and art is one of the endeavors thats really important.
“The main things which seem to me important on their own account, and not merely as means to other things, are knowledge, art, instinctive happiness, and relations of friendship or affection.” Bertrand Russell

ZanaD: How old were you when you started playing/singing?

A:I started on classical piano when I was 3 and started playing bass October 2005.

ZanaD: How long have you been writing for?

A: Since March 2005

ZanaD: Where would your dream place be to perform?

A:I don’t really have a specific location in mind, just a place where a lot of people are there actually listening.

ZanaD: What inspires you to do music?

A:Everything and anything. Someone in front of me with a funny swagger, the sounds of the subway train as it pulls into the station, an interesting Youtube video, etc. etc.

ZanaD: Who’s your favorite band?

A:Way too many, but if I had to go with one it’d probably be Oingo Boingo

ZanaD: When is your next album coming out?

A: That is to be determined, but its in the works!

ZanaD: Where can people go to buy your music?

A:All of my music is available for free download at andrewsheron.com/downloads, and if you like it you can donate to the “new music fund” via paypal.  Hi-res files are available on request.

ZanaD: What musician would you like to go on a date with and why?

A:I’d go on a man-date with Bobby McFerrin.  He seems like he’d be a lot of fun.

ZanaD: Whats your favorite color?

A: Blue. No, yellow

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