I had the amazing chance to speak with band member Rob from the exceptionally talented band A Silent Film!

Behind The Scenes Interview with A Silent Film:

ZanaD: What is the name of your band?

Rob: A Silent Film

ZanaD: Where are you from?

Rob: Oxford, England

ZanaD: What type of music do you play?

Rob: Melodramatic rock and pop

ZanaD: What is the best advice you have for people who want to break into the industry?

Rob: Love what you do and be proactive all the time.

ZanaD: What got you into doing music?

Rob: Roger Taylor, John Deacon, Brian May and Freddie Mercury.

ZanaD: How old were you when you starting playing/singing?

Rob: I don’t remember. I was very young, it was instinctive.

ZanaD: How long have you been writing music for?

Rob: Since I was 11 or 12, my dog died and I felt I needed a release.

ZanaD: Where would your dream place be to perform?

Rob: Carnegie Hall

ZanaD: What inspires you to do music?

Rob: love and death

ZanaD: What’s the song you like to listen to when your feeling down?

Rob: A Drink of You by Joni Mitchell

ZanaD: What’s your favorite band?

Rob: Bjork

ZanaD: What’s your favorite song?

Rob: Do You Realise? By Flaming Lips

ZanaD: When is your next album coming out?

Rob: 2012

ZanaD: When is your next concert?

Rob: Saturday night in Kansas City

ZanaD: Where do you see your band five years from now?

Rob:Two more albums, bigger shows, would love to visit Japan and Australia

ZanaD: What is your dream?

Rob:To one day be recognised for my music by someone who’s life has inspired mine.

ZanaD: What’s your favorite food?

Rob: Shetland mussels

ZanaD: If you were stuck on an island what three items would you bring?

Rob: I’d bring J. J. Abrams, Benjamin Linus and a gun and I’d have them explain a few things to me

ZanaD: What musician would you want go to on a date with and why?

Rob:No way, It would be useless, I’m far to competitive. If it was lady gaga I’d simply sit there in stunned silence.

ZanaD: Where do you want to live when your older?

Rob:Isolated, somewhere near the ocean with a fishing boat

ZanaD: What’s your favorite tv show?

Rob: Mad Men and 30 Rock at the moment

Thanks Rob!

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