Behind The Scenes With Ally

Let me introduce you to the beautiful and talented upcoming solo artist Ally Burnett!

Behind The Scenes With Ally Burnett

ZanaD:What is the name of your band?

Ally:I’m a solo artist, so it’s just my name, Ally Burnett.

ZanaD: Where are you from?

Ally:I’m originally from San Diego but I currently live in Huntsville, AL.

ZanaD:What type of music do you play?

Ally: Pop/Rock

ZanaD:What is the best advice you have for people who want to break into the music industry?

Ally: Don’t expect that any success will come easily. If you want it, work for it. Be prepared to face rejection, make changes and be patient because sometimes it takes a while. If you love it, if it’s what you’re most passionate about, go for it.

ZanaD:How old were you when you started performing?

A:Four years old!

ZanaD:How many years have you been writing music for?

A: Well, I started writing poetry when I was 10. And by the time I was in high school I started learning how to turn my poetry into music. So, I’ve been writing for quite a while!

ZanaD:Where would your dream place be to perform at?

Ally: I know a lot of solo artists would pick big venues, arenas, etc….but I’d really like to perform at my favorite club in Atlanta called The Masquerade.

ZanaD:What inspires you to write music?

Ally: Everything from love, to breakups, to disappointment. I’m inspired by a lot of things!

ZanaD: Whats the song you need to listen to when your feeling down?

Ally: That changes a lot. Right now it is Cee Lo Green’s “F**k You”, because it’s just so awesome.

ZanaD:Whats your favorite band?

Ally:It’s a tie between Queen, The Cars and Something Corporate.

ZanaD:Whats your favorite song?

Ally:Punk Rock Princess by Something Corporate.

ZanaD:Who is your hero?

Ally:Musically, my hero is Andrew McMahon(of Something Corporate and Jack’s Mannequin). He’s incredibly talented and such a fighter that he’s just very inspiring. In general, my hero is my Dad because he’s the strongest person I know.

ZanaD:If you could have three wishes come true what would they be and why?

Ally:Why ruin it with wishes? I’d rather just work to achieve the things I want!

ZanaD:When is your next album coming out?

Ally:I’m not planning another album release any time soon, but I will be in the studio again in November doing three new songs, as well as a music video.

ZanaD:When is your next concert?

Ally:I’m hoping to score an acoustic set in NYC while I’m in NJ recording. Both of my CDs are still on iTunes under my former name, Ally Cupcake. And you can also hear me doing the theme song for MTV’s new show The Seven weekdays at 5/4 C and Saturdays at 11/10 C.

ZanaD:Where do you see your band in 5 years from now?

Ally: Signed, touring and going strong!

ZanaD:What is your dream?

Ally:To inspire other people to chase theirs and for people to connect with my music.

ZanaD:If you could be in any place right now where would it be?

Ally:California! I haven’t been back in way too long.

ZanaD:If you were stuck on an island what three items would you bring?

Ally:I’m going to cheat on this question. 1. A survival kit(food, water, etc), 2. My iPhone 3. Another person to keep me company.

ZanaD:If you were trapped in a room what three people would you want to be with?

Ally: My mom, dad and my best friend Amber.

ZanaD:What musician would you want to go on a date with and why?

Ally:Ed Westwick, who plays Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl. Believe it or not, he is actually a musician as well!

ZanaD:Favorite quote?

Ally: “Hey, don’t write yourself off yet. It’s only in your head you feel left out or looked down on. Just do your best. Do everything you can and don’t you worry what their bitter hearts are gonna say.”- The Middle by Jimmy Eat World




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