Behind The Scenes With The Shakers

I had the awesome chance to speak with Chris Lee, from the fabulous band from LA The Shakers! Be sure to become a fan of thier facebook fan page, check out their songs, buy their album and watch their youtube channel. Without further hesitation I present to you Chris Lee!

Behind The Scenes With The Shakers:

ZanaD: What is the name of your band?

The Shakers!! 😀

ZanaD: Where are you from?

TS: We presently all are located in Los Angeles but travel all over the country!  Originally our singer Jodie Schell hails from Detroit, Guitarist Chris Lee is from the Nj/Philadelphia area, Brad Lee Bassist was born in California but moved around quite a bit, as did Drummer Nick Woods.

ZanaD: What type of music do you play?

TS: The Shakers blend the excitement and drive of old school rock and roll with the intoxicating dancy nature of Motown rhythm and blues.

ZanaD: What is the best advice you have for people who want to break into the music industry?

TS: Be ready to WORK WORK WORK!  Never give up, and never get comfortable.

ZanaD: How old were you when you started performing?

TS: No one in the band can remember a time in their life when they weren’t putting on some kind of “show” or being infatuated with music.  You could say we were born to rock 🙂

ZanaD: How many years have you been writing music for?

TS: The Shakers have been writing music together for a little more than a year and are very lucky to have acheived such success in such a short amount of time.

ZanaD: Where would your dream place be to perform at?

TS: A headlining stadium tour would incredible, our shows keep getting bigger and bigger, so we just have to keep working harder and harder.

ZanaD: What inspires you to write music?

TS: Life never ceases to inspire, though sometimes you can go looking for inspiration in your friends, or in a compelling story in the news, or the feeling you get waiting for a train.  Sometimes its just a want or a need to write a new song, so you sit down and you write a song.  Other times a song just comes to you from the way you looked at something, or the way you heard a car door slam.

ZanaD: Whats the song you need to listen to when your feeling down?

TS: Depends on what kind of “down” i am i guess.  Usually Smashing Pumpkins are a cure all for me – Chris Lee

ZanaD: Whats your favorite band?

TS: Presently all things Dave Grohl – Chris Lee

ZanaD: Whats your favorite song?

TS: Again i think this depends on my mood, to name a few.  “all my life” – the foo fighters “set the ray to jerry” – the smashing pumpkins “vultures” – john mayer “Nobody Knows” – band of gypsy’s “Immigrant Song” – Led Zepplin

ZanaD: If you could have three wishes come true what would they be and why?

TS: They’d all be the same wish, and I won’t say what it is, but I bet you can guess.

ZanaD: When is your next album coming out?

TS: We are getting very near to mixing the record we’ve been working on lately at the world class NRG Studios in North Hollywood, which we hope to release in spring.

ZanaD:When is your next concert?

TS: The Shakers can be seen in:
Huntington Beach, CA 11/5 Gallagher’s Pub San Diego, CA 11/10 Moondoggies
Hollywood, CA 11/13 The Cat Club Philadelphia, PA 11/24 The TLA for WMMR’S GOBBLAROO! and much more..

ZanaD: Where do you see your band in 5 years from now?

TS: Touring non-stop, headlining and selling out large venues all over the world.

ZanaD: What is your dream?

TS: To live and play music for fellow music enthusiasts

ZanaD: If you could be in any place right now where would it be?

TS: With my band, on stage, doing what we love to do.

ZanaD: If you were stuck on an island what three items would you bring?

TS: My guitar, a smoothie machine, and my dog 🙂

ZanaD: If you were trapped in a room what three people would you want to be with?

TS: My band!!

ZanaD: What musician would you want to go on a date with and why?

TS: Dave Grohl, cuz i man crush on him… hard!

ZanaD: Favorite quote?
TS: “I don’t wanna work, i just wanna bang on me drum all day”